Do you remember a time, maybe when you were a child, when you were so excited that you could hardly wait for something to happen? It was hard to sleep at night because you were so excited? Did you ever wait for someone special to come to see you, and you stood or sat at a window to watch for them to pull into the driveway? You weren’t exactly sure they would come, but you wanted to be ready!

Advent is about waiting and being ready. We are waiting for Christ to come. Again. We have had so many Advents and Christmases. Yet the waiting is no less significant. The waiting gives us time to get ready. We must always be alert, awake, and excited. We must watch in our daily lives this Advent, as during the whole year, for the ways Christ enters our lives. As we wait for God, we can know that God works in our lives. And we can know that we are God’s people and that we can wait in hope.

God and Father of Christ our Savior, help us as we wait for the coming again of the baby Jesus. Keep us alert, awake, and aware of your presence. Help us too to share this excitement of waiting with others.

Christmas Blessing…….. Pastor Marty