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The Best Conceptual Explanation of the Trinity I’ve Seen

by admin

The Trinity is easily one of the hardest concepts to navigate in Christianity. For some, it can even be a barrier to accepting Christianity. If you’ve ever found yourself in that awkward conversational dance when you have to explain how God could be three entities at once, let me share with you the best conceptual explanation of the Trinity I’ve […]

Love, Lover, and Beloved

by admin

“The following dissertation concerning the Trinity, as the reader ought to be informed, has been written in order to guard against the sophistries of those who disdain to begin with faith, and are deceived by a crude and perverse love of reason.”(1) Thus begins Augustine’s dissertation on the Trinity, written for those whose perverse love […]

Longing for God

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At the same moment the Trinity filled me full of heartfelt joy, and I knew that all eternity was like this for those who attain heaven. For the Trinity is God, and God the Trinity; The Trinity is our Maker and keeper, our eternal love, joy and bliss — all through our Lord Jesus Christ… […]