I Have Already Made a Way for You

I have kissed you with the sweetness of my acceptance. I have embraced you with the sweetness of my of approval. I have showered my affections upon you time and time again, and it is my great pleasure to continually do so, for I have reconciled all this world so nothing will ever separate us (2 Corinthians 5:19, Romans 8:31-39).

I know in your hurt and confusion you make your mistakes, but let me assure you that each and every one of your mistakes has already been accounted for and has already been overcome. For what good would my sacrifice have been if you could undo the reconciliation I prepared for you? How small would the reconciliation be if you were able to undo it? So do not fret, and do not worry, but trust and know I have all things accounted for. I have already made provision, for my reconciliation is beyond extravagant.

There has been no small price paid, for you are my jewel, The One I Adore. I have poured out my great love to you again and again, and have done so in immeasurable, unfathomable ways. So do not worry that your weakness, or your mistakes, or your humanity will somehow consume or overturn the redemption and reconciliation I have provided you.

Be confident in who I am. Be confident in what I have given you. Be confident in what I have made available to you. Be bold, and take action, and allow the confidence of my spirit to reveal little details to you the way your heart desires. You stand in the center of my attention. You stand in the center of my favor. So do not consider yourself a beggar but understand you are my most precious child. Surely if you ask for bread I will not give you a stone.

I know you are but small, and I know you are but weak. I will renew you again and again for I have already overcome all these things so you may walk in the victory I have planned for you. Over the course of time you will come to know, you will come to see, and you will come to realize the many layers of revelation and understanding I have for you. But for today simply accept my love and accept my will, and move with courage and confidence in the direction of my leading, for I have already made a way for you, though you do not fully understand or perceive it.