Church, as I write this, the malls are already setting up for Christmas, bypassing right by Thanksgiving. The business of the Holiday season is almost upon us. The shopping, the cooking, the get-togethers both social as well as work related, kids plays, etc. It all adds up. Though none of those things are bad on the surface, it can all get a little overwhelming.  

I remember when Esther and I were just getting to know one another, we were shopping at an overcrowded mall.  I was getting tired of the whole thing; we had been there for what seemed like hours, there was no end in sight. I remember looking at her and saying, “I am going to get a coffee from the shop, do you want anything”? I don’t think I even waited for a response. I got to the coffee shop and guess what, they had a line too. As a waited, a little too impatiently, I was overlooking the person right in front of me, in a wheelchair, not much old than I was at the time. I looked down and on the back of the chair this person had a bumper-sticker on it that simply read, “Praise God anyway”. I felt like the Holy Spirit was nudging me back to a remembrance, a remembrance to Praise Him.

Not because I was better than they or that I should in anyway feel sorry for the person in the wheelchair, rather, because He is worth of my/your praises.

I encourage you; through this entire holiday season, don’t forget to Praise Him. Be grateful in every situation, even when you are waiting at the checkout line for what seems like an eternity, Praise Him. When you are sitting in yet another school play, listening to a kid sing silent night out of tune, Praise Him anyway. If the turkey is overcooked, and the ham is too small for the crowed, Praise Him anyway.

We don’t need to look for reasons to Praise Him; He has given us every reason to praise Him already, which is the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.

God bless you all,

Pastor Tim Campbell