America And The Bible-Part 3

July 15, 2015

For many years now our American history has been rewritten and it continues today. We are no longer a nation lead by Christian leadership. We are now a nation who is being lead by individuals in elected positions who are leading our country in a godless direction. My friend, we talk about going off the gold standard, but I tell you our biggest problem, and it is the fact that we have gone off the God standard a long time ago. Listen, my friend, we’ve gotten away from God’s standard, which is taught in the Word of God. Never be ashamed of your Bible and never be ashamed for someone to see you with your Bible. Your Bible is the safest thing you have on this earth to guide you and to direct you to live according to how God would have you to live. We live in a country that is missing the mark, but we ourselves don’t have to. Never be ashamed to be an American, and never be ashamed to be a Christian.

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