The Church is one body, shining light in dark places and sharing a glimmer of hope to the hopeless. However, some say the light is dimming. The Church is declining, closing their doors. People are closing their hearts. Could this be the Church we know? The truth is that the Holy Spirit is doing a news thing – streaming light into dark places and breathing hope into our hearts. Today, we continue the work of the new church movement, sharing the Gospel throughout the United States and Canada. Since 2001, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has started 850 new Disciples churches, spreading the Gospel to more than 60,000 individuals, who may not have had a relationship with Christ. Each week 28 languages are spoken in Disciples churches. We are still one body, sharing the light, growing and loving the life back into the Church.

This year Pentecost Offering will be taken on Sunday, May 24. With your support to this special day offering we can continue the work of the new church movement on behalf of the Christian Church.  To learn more please visit