Valentine's DayIn February it is our custom to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day when we express our love for each other through various forms. Some will buy flowers, some cards, and other expensive meals. As I was thinking about my own plans with my wife, I began to think about the Love for us from a Savior. I remembered treading this poem some time ago, so I wanted to share it with you. No greater love has been shown to us, than a savior who would lay down His life for us.

My Child,

I see you when you are in the garden of grief. I hear your cry for help in the dark hours of the night. I Myself cried out in the garden the night I was betrayed. In My suffering I asked My Father for another way-a less painful way. Yet I trusted His will and purpose for My life and knew the ultimate victory was at the cross. Just as olives must be crushed  to make oil, I poured out My life as a love offering for you. Don’t ever doubt that I am with you and that I long to take you to a place of comfort, peace, and victory. Even when you cannot see Me from where you are, I am working on your behalf. Give to Me the crushing weight of your circumstances, and come to Me in prayer. When it is time to leave the garden, I will walk with you across the valley and straight to the cross-where your trials will be transformed into triumph.


Your Savior and your Victor


Pastor Tim Campbell