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The Importance of the Little Things

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You probably wouldn’t see him doing so, but he’s faithfully hanging the church sign every Friday night and taking it down every Sunday. You probably wouldn’t see her doing so, but she’s faithfully coordinating with others to ensure that there will be enough food at church gatherings. You probably wouldn’t see them doing so, but […]

Finding Your Identity

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Finding Your Identity Several images are used in the Bible to describe the church: the body of Christ, the elect, the house of God, the saints. One of the most meaningful expressions the Bible uses is “the people of God,” the laos theon. The church, then, is people. The Roman Catholic Church once declared, “Where the bishop […]

Sanctuary of Hope

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On Tuesday, members of our church, along with our Pastor Tim Campbell, participated in the Sanctuary of Hope’s worship service and meal for the needy of our community. Helping to prepare the meal for those attending were Gerald and Sandra Rhodes, Janet Sydenstricker, Sidney Harman, Leo Ruffing, Ginz Artz, and Michael Tefft. The meal prepared […]