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God’s Sovereign Plan

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The other day, I arrived at the bus stop where four Asian ladies were indiscriminately passing out New Testament Bibles. When one of the ladies offered me a Bible, I tried to decline. But she was insistent, so I tried to change the subject. “What church are you with?” I asked. She said she was with a non-denominational, […]

America and the Bible

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America And The Bible-Part 3 July 15, 2015 For many years now our American history has been rewritten and it continues today. We are no longer a nation lead by Christian leadership. We are now a nation who is being lead by individuals in elected positions who are leading our country in a godless direction. […]

The Word-less “Church”

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Many American churches are in a mess. Theologically they are indifferent, confused, or dangerously wrong. Liturgically they are the captives of superficial fads. Morally they live lives indistinguishable from the world. They often have a lot of people, money, and activities. But are they really churches, or have they degenerated into peculiar clubs? What has gone […]