Charlie Brown or Lucy

As you read this, the Christmas season will be in full swing. The Christmas trees will be up, lights will be hung, and the decorations will be in place; maybe even a few Christmas parties under your belt (figuratively and literally). But let’s push pause, just for a moment, before the moment is gone and we find ourselves looking back and asking, where it all went.

I was thinking of Charlie Brown, you know the Christmas special, he goes and finds the beauty in the little things of the season, looking for the reason for the season and finding it. When I think of that show I would like to say I am like that little boy, who has never aged, however, I find myself, all too often, like Lucy; Asking for more from the season, looking for the bigger and the better of the holiday.  If we were honest many of us have the same mindset of Lucy, more equals happier, big present equals bigger smiles, etc. Sadly, we all know better.

So, this season, rather than seeking the spectacular, let us look for the common things. The beauty where it might not be easily seen, the joy of serving others, the ability to pass along love to others around you, a tradition not yet started, and so many more.

If you think about it, was it not in the common place that they came and found our Lord; as Linus quotes Luke 2:12 “you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.” Seek Him and you will find Him.

Park View Christian Church, from Pastor Tim and Esther we wish you a very blessed Christmas.