What does Baptism, Parking Lot/driveway expansion, new church members, and Brunswick stew have to do with each other? That was the month we just had. Believe it or not, that was just the month of October.  If only one of these had happened in the month, it should give us a moment to pause and give God Praise. All of them happening within a single month, it is almost overwhelming.

I open up with this to hopefully allow you to reflect, reflect that we are a church that is on the move. We are a church that is choosing to reach outside of itself, and become relevant to the community around us. I truly believe that months like this will become the norm around Park View. Yes there will be challenges, but the Harvest always requires work.

Sure, it would be easy to sit here and write about everything we don’t have, or even who we might not currently at this time have.  I know who we do have with us, that is the very real Spirit of God.

I am reminded about the story of Elisha, when the servant was looking around and seeing the enemies around him, he ran in fear to Elisha. Elisha simply prayed for the servants eyes to be opened and to see that the Lord was with them. (2 Kings 6:17).

I encourage you to look around, see that the Lord is with us,  as we continue to move forward with what God has called us to do as a church, He will be with us. God bless you Park View Christian Church. One other thing as well, on top of all that, we had a great Consecration Sunday (all in the same month). God Bless you all.

Pastor Tim Campbell