The life of a minister is always full of challenges. Just when it seems everything is going smoothly, there is a 1 am call about a person in crisis. The crisis could be emotional, it could be a severe injury, a birth or a death involving our extended church family. The minister is always on call, whether in the office or not – they are with us.

Over my years of being a member of Park View Christian church, I have been blessed by having so many wonderful ministers who each brought different gifts and graces to this congregation. All of them had one thing in common and that was a deep abiding love for God and a sincere desire to teach and preach the Good News to all. They all loved people and wanted to give pastoral care to any person at any time.

Each minister also leads by example and I wonder sometimes, do we follow the example as well as we could or should. Do I spend deliberate time in quiet prayer all week (not just on Sunday)? Do I reach out to the needy, the ill, the bereaved as often as I should? Do I carry the message received on Sunday mornings out into the world and spread the Christ light? Do I give as much as possible to reflect my deep love for God? I wonder.

We are blessed to have as our minister, Pastor Tim Campbell, who served us for almost 18 months. Let us take time to appreciate him and his family and the wonderful gifts and spirit that they bring to Park View Christian church. So often we get so busy doing stuff, we may forget the little things that do count- like a hug, a word of praise, a Thank You, a prayer. Let us as a congregation strive to reach out to help our minister and to show our appreciation and love.

Now as we enjoy the beginning of Spring and new life in nature, let us embrace new life in church. Excitement about community outreach projects and reaching out to those who don’t yet know Christ can be invigorating. Don’t miss your opportunity.

God bless each of you and have a beautiful Spring.

In Christ, Gina Artz