Blessings and God’s Love to You in this New Year

I was reminded of a story from the book, A SAVIOR FOR ALL SEASONS by William Barker, who wrote of a story of a bishop from the east coast. His mission was to visit a small college and stay at the home of the college president, who also served as professor of physics and chemistry.

After dinner, the bishop declared that the millennium could not be far off, because just about everything had been discovered and all inventions had been complete. But the young college president politely disagreed and said there would be many discoveries and the president declared, within 50 years, man will be able to fly.

The bishop said, “Nonsense!” He added with a smirk, “Only angels are intended to fly.”

But unknown to the bishop the president of the college had a vision. A vision not for himself, but a vision that would include the bishop and it came true. You see, we are talking about Bishop Wright, whose sons were Orville and Wilbur.

Do you have a vision for the New Year? I truly have a vision for each of you: that you’ll follow the readings from John 15:9. Here, Jesus is saying,

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love and obey my commands.

And my vision is to pray fully that we can continue to grow, seeing Christ in all acts of kindness and love, in such a way that we will go forth and Help Others Become One In Christ.


God Bless,

Pastor Tim Campbell