Tim Keller

Tim Keller

I recently attended a baptismal service and heard many testimonies from those being baptized. Many of the testimonies shared a common characteristic: people had gone to church for years finally “got it”—and began to follow Jesus more intentionally, leading to great transformation.

For some, it might have been a “born again” experience. For others a deeper grasp on Christian discipleship or God’s grace. Whatever the reason, this shows that our churches and communities are filled with people who could be described as “sleepy Christians” or Christians-in-name-only (that is, nominal Christians).

In a talk Tim Keller gave called Gospel Renewal, he shared nine questions designed to wake up sleepy Christians and convert nominal Christians. In essence, they are questions to gauge if people really know Christ. (See the portion of the talk with the nine questions below.)

My hope is that you are encouraged, equipped, and challenged by these questions and that they would lead you and others to a greater experience of our living Savior.

9 Questions for Sleepy and Nominal Christians

1. How real has God been this week to your heart?

2. How clear and vivid is your assurance and certainty of God’s forgiveness and Fatherly love?

3. Are you having any particular seasons of sweet delight in God?

4. Do you really sense his presence in your life?

5. Have you been finding Scripture to be “alive” and “active”?

6. Are you finding certain biblical promises extremely precious and encouraging? Which ones?

7. Are you finding God challenging you and calling you to something through the Word? In what ways?

8. Are you finding God’s grace more glorious and moving now than you have in the past?

9. Are you conscious of a growing sense of evil in your heart, and in response a growing dependence on and grasp of the preciousness of the mercy of God?

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