At the top of His voice Jesus cried out; It is finished!

…and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost. Holy Bible, Jn. 19:30 KJV

It’s no easy thing for Immortality to die. And Jesus took no shortcuts.

He suffered scourging, and bore the diseases and infirmities of mankind, all of them. He didn’t just carry your sins on the Cross, He became sin. 2 Co. 5:21 KJV;

For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

Under that load, His body was deformed beyond human likeness. All His bones were disjointed. He was riddled with cancer, your cancer, aids, your aids, T.B., malaria, diabetes, arthritis and every physical, mental, and emotional ailment common to man.

Despite such an enormous burden, it was not enough to kill the Son of God.

It is possible to stand a lot when your loved ones are with you. Their encouragement and support will lift you over the highest obstacles. When your best friend backs you, you can take all that comes, and laugh.


But when those you love and trust desert you. When even your beloved Father turns His back, and leaves you in agony, naked, and alone. When you know that you are innocent, and have never wronged anyone. It’s enough to crush the bravest heart.

But the weight of the world’s guilt and sin did not kill Jesus. Nor did the excruciating pain of His torture. It could not kill the Righteous One, ever. Indeed, God would still be hanging on that Cross today unless Christ had humbled Himself to death.

He had the authority to lay down His life, and the authority to take it up again. After He bowed His head, He gave up His Spirit.

Reflecting the Divine heart of love and compassion for His fiercest enemies He prayed;

Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. Lk. 23:34 KJV

Jesus’ heart was not crushed, it literally exploded in His chest. God was dead. He died bearing your guilt, your sin, your diseases, your infirmities, and your punishment.

To set you free.

The Immortal One thought you were worth dying for

…it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: Heb. 9:27 KJV

Most residents of Jerusalem really enjoyed the next day, it was a special Passover Sabbath. They had travelled to the City of God, performed religious rites, offered their spotless lambs in sacrifice, and felt really holy, except for one thing. That messy business with Jesus of Nazareth. Claiming to be the Messiah, upsetting the religious folks, embarrassing the Romans, and finally getting cursed by being hung on a tree.

Right in the middle of their holiest festival

Some men are just born trouble makers, and they always come to a sticky end.

But nobody enjoyed that Sabbath day more than Satan. He revelled in the liberty of a dream fulfilled. Tomorrow he would visit the Temple, his Temple. It needed a facelift, a rededication, and most of all, an idol. Perhaps a statue of the Queen of Heaven or maybe a Black Stone?

The day subsided with him delighting over his options.

First thing next morning, pride drew him to gloat over his prime captive. It was the first time they had met since Satan’s failed desert campaign, the recollection of which made him shudder. But now the tables were turned, Jesus was under his authority and He had to admit it.

The door of the deepest dungeon in Hell swung open, and there lay his prize. God’s only Son, manacled and chained with demons continually tormenting Him. Satan was ecstatic;

Ahhhah! Jesus Christ, Son of God, now you will bow down and worship me. He sneered.

But when the captive opened His swollen eyelids and looked back, the Devil froze in horror. He saw the same look, the same authority, the same unshakeable confidence he first saw in Christ’s eyes in the Judean wilderness.

And when Jesus opened His bruised mouth and replied, everyone in Hades fell to the floor.

It is written, ‘You will not abandon me to the grave, nor will you let your Holy One see decay.

Abandoned and alone in the darkest pit of all, tortured by demons, assailed by temptation, Jesus of Nazareth kept His integrity and believed God’s word of Promise, despite overwhelming contrary evidence.

Of the eternal perfection of His Being, it was surely the most sublime moment of all.

Early on Sunday, the first day of the week, Father looked down from Heaven and declared:

It’s enough. The claims of Justice are fully met. Let Him Arise!

Almighty resurrection power shot into His tortured Spirit, and instantly His chains fell off. Satan cowered on the floor as the unthinkable unfolded.

Jesus stood and advanced towards Satan. In His own righteousness and integrity, He slammed one pierced foot on Satan’s tail, and the other on Satan’s neck and declared;

Satan, sin, and death you are defeated forever, give me those keys, you’ve had them long enough!

Snatching the keys of death and Hades, He took captivity captive. After preaching the word to the spirits in prison, so that all men are without excuse, He arose. Triumphant, He arose. Halleluia!

Resurrection life lifted Him back into His body, the grave clothes fell off, the stone rolled away, and the Living God walked out of the tomb. Glory!

Satan was left trembling and muttering;

But He said, ‘It is finished!’?