On April 18th  members of Park View Christian Church joined with hundreds of volunteers to participate in the 20th Annual Paint Your Heart Out sponsored by the Portsmouth Rotary Club. Six houses were selected based on a number of criteria, including being below the poverty line, for painting, cleanup, minor repairs, and other tasks. Gina Artz and Michael Tefft were teamed up with members of the Renaissance Hotel group to work on a house on Spratley Street in Portsmouth. Our team consisted of fourteen adults and two very helpful children. We worked primarily on the foundation, front porch, and back porch. The brick foundation was scraped and painted, the front porch, railings and brick columns were scraped and painted, a handrail was added to the front porch, the picket fence was painted, the back porch foundation was repaired, railings painted, as well as the eaves. The yard was also raked, picked up and mowed. It was an almost a full day of work but equally as much fun and fellowship. It was a wonderful group of people who worked very hard. I thank God for the opportunity for our Church to help those most in need in our community. Pastor Tim Campbell was the driving force behind it all, his hard work and dedication was much in evidence and greatly appreciated by all. Donuts and Pizza were provided to energize the hard working crews. God is truly amazing!