On Tuesday, members of our church, along with our Pastor Tim Campbell, participated in the Sanctuary of Hope’s worship service and meal for the needy of our community. Helping to prepare the meal for those attending were Gerald and Sandra Rhodes, Janet Sydenstricker, Sidney Harman, Leo Ruffing, Ginz Artz, and Michael Tefft. The meal prepared was spaghetti with meat sauce. garlic toast, salad, cake, and iced tea.

Preceding the meal was worship service and an altar call. Pastor Campbell preached a powerful sermon about calling upon God to have Mercy on us in all situations and to trust in Him and wait on Him at all times. There was a full house, with music and singing provided by members of Sanctuary of Hope. I can’t remember the name of the lady who sang and played piano but she was wonderful, as were the gentlemen who accompanied her. It was a powerful, spiritual, uplifting evening and the presence of God was felt by all those in attendance.

The meal was well received, everyone had a great time, and those in attendance left for the evening with a bag of food to take home. The Sanctuary of Hope is a wonderful blessing for the community and I and the other members of Park View are looking forward to participating again. I thank all those from Park View who gave of themselves that night and especially Pastor Tim for his love and dedication to the community and Church. God is good.



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