Happy New YearI wonder what God would say if he spoke to me today.

Would He tell me not to rush Christmas and put it all away?

Would He tell me to let the manger remind us of that night?

When the tiny baby Jesus was born under a star so bright.

I wonder would he tell us to keep the spirit bright,

Not just during December, but in every month’s delight.

Share with others in need and give whatever you can.

That’s the example Jesus gave, when he walked upon this land.

With presents and fun and feasting going on for days

It’s hard to regroup, and reorganize our pre-Christmas ways.

The cold winter skies have come right on time

Some feel worn out and just want to recline.

The tree limbs are bare and a hint of snow is in the air.

A great time for reflection, for rest not despair.

I wonder what resolutions, God would want us to make,

More exercise, weight loss, make fewer mistakes.

Perhaps He would stress more prayers this year

Take time to be Holy and know that He is near.

Every year brings its blessings and yes its woes,

Time is up to each of us, to use as we disclose.

So as we plan for this special New Year

May we let our light shine for Jesus so clear.

May our words show our caring, love and sweet grace,

May our actions show the depth of our true faith.

So may God bless you all in this brand new year.

Knowing you are His, so wonderful and dear.


G. Artz