God is our Shepherd. Even as the Lamb of God, Christ is our Shepherd (Revelation 7:17). As protector, as guide, as comforter, as savior, as beacon, as the one who calls, Christ is shepherding us through the many hills and valleys of life. In this Easter season, we sing and rejoice with festive music, bright and beautiful sanctuaries, and joy-filled worship services. Yet, even in this festive season, death comes, people wander in dark valleys, and sheep are snatched away from the love that yearns to guide and save them. In the midst of our pain, Christ comes. Whether the hand that lifts us from the darkest valley is that of a fellow traveler or that of a mysterious sense of God alongside, Christ’s hand is the hand that reaches to us. Christ’s voice is the one that calls to us. Christ’s comfort is the one that is offered to us. Revelation reminds us that final judgment can be final blessing; the ones who have endured the greatest ordeals experience the greatest joys, finding the bread that satisfies and the water that quenches every thirst.