Rev. Edward H. Pruden writes in Communion Meditations “Our Protestant Christianity has impressed the world with its boundless energy and its businesslike administration of its affairs. However, one wonders just how successful we have been in impressing upon the minds of people the necessity for meditation and prayer. While our ceaseless activity has unquestionably achieved a great deal, it is altogether possible that much more could have been done if such activity has been interspersed with a reasonable number of quiet periods in which the soul was brought face to face with God.”

During the last six weeks through our study of prayer, especially the kind of solitary praying that Jesus did, I have continued to grow in my appreciation and understanding of what Rev. Pruden calls the “quiet periods…of the soul.” Don’t get me wrong….quieting the mind continues to be my greatest challenge, but as I practice more of these quiet periods of the soul I find an increasingly calming peace coming over me. How about you?

In March we will continue our Lenten journey, turning from our study of prayer to our study of the skill of forgiveness. Before us are: Palm Sunday; Maundy Thursday; Good Friday; and of course Easter.

I am praying that each of you continues to grow in your ability to experience quiet periods of the soul as we continue to grow in our faith and serve others.

Blessings, Pastor Marty